Tuesday, November 10, 2009

We're Open for Business!

Welcome to Flambo-Luxe!

Stay awhile, take a look-see.

We're currently doing some 'cosmetic' tweaking of our layout, so bear it with us, ya! :)

Most of the items you see are one-offs and are personally flown in from abroad by the people behind Flambo-Luxe themselves. So no restocks, sorry.

Like what you see? Place an order to flambo.luxe101@gmail.com

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Everyday Minimalist

Personally imported from Korea by Flambo-Luxe.

If the riot of feathers and colours of Fascinate Me is a bit too much for you,
try Everyday Minimalist, a slim feathered fascinator.

RM 22 each

All Available White, Black, Beige, Greyish Blue & Pink

Sweet Rosetta

Personally imported from Korea by Flambo-Luxe.

Edgy fascinators not your thing? Then this chiffon Rosette with glossy beads might be yours.

RM 18
All Available Beige, Pastel Pink

Fascinate Me

Personally imported from overseas by Flambo-Luxe
Feathered fascinators with diamante stud (except for Design C, with a black button)
RM 25 each

Designs A [Available], B [Reserved], C [Available], D [Reserved], E[SOLD]

Glossy Satin Bows

Personally imported from overseas by Flambo-Luxe.

Glossy Satin Bows RM 25 each
Available : Navy Blue , Black
Gold is SOLD

Darling Double Bow

Imported from overseas personally by Flambo-Luxe.

Darling Double Bow



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Get Ready to Flaunt It

Coming Soon. Very Soon.

Watch This Space! ;)

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